Webinar   |  September 12, 2018

9/12 Webinar: Identity Theft

Presenters: Larry Lee

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The FINANCIAL WELLBEING of employees is a key factor for employers. Employees who have financial problems are more likely to be distracted, have fights with family and even co-workers, make mistakes, cause accidents and even turn over. Identity theft is the fastest growing cause of financial upset for employees.

Data Breach victims are 11 more times more likely to be Identity theft Victims! No wonder smart employers are scrambling for ID Theft protection for their employees. When ID Theft happens to employees (or their family members) it is costly to employers as well. 2 things are Key to effective protection proactive prevention, and covering all members.

Larry will bring you up to speed on the key things you need to know to understand the cost of Identity Theft to your company and more importantly a few simple ways you can make sure you are getting effective coverage.

Larry Lee

Plan Analysts/LifeLock

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