Webinar   |  August 29, 2018

8/29 Webinar: Using Actuarial Science to Make Smarter Employee Benefit/Financial Decisions

Presenters: John Marshall

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The Presenter

John Marshall
Plan Analysts/LifeLock

This session will focus on actuarial methods that can assist in quantifying financial projections in order to make better medical/Rx and employee benefit decisions. We will discuss how you can integrate actuarial techniques, from the traditional to the innovative, into your employee benefits approach to help maintain targeted employee benefits at budgeted costs.

  • When do I move from being fully insured to being self funded and vice versa?
  • How can I obtain better fully insured or stop loss renewals by means of actuarial intervention?
  • What will happen if I offer radically different medical plan options to my employees?

Answers to these and many other questions will be explored.

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