Webinar   |  March 14, 2018

3/14 Webinar: Provider Sponsored Health Plans

Presenters: David Konrad

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During this educational webinar David Konrad offers BAN members and their clients an overview of how mid-market employers can direct contract with local provider systems, with an emphasis on how a provider-sponsored health plan removes the insurance obstacles between patient and provider, while traditional insurance products do not encourage expense reduction by providers, employers or members, this plan aligns incentives for local, quality access to care and cost savings. Key areas of focus include how to implement a health plan that meets the needs of your community, how to deliver a health benefits strategy with a focus on preventative health, how to deploy the most effective cost containment strategies, and how to share in the risk and reward of their collaborative efforts.

Takeaway: How employers engage provider systems in 2018 utilizing little or no capital investment for turnkey insurance leadership, experience, and management with an expense load half that of traditional BUCA plans.


David Konrad

BAN Captive Director

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