Webinar   |  November 8, 2017

11/8 Webinar: Trump’s Executive Order – What it means to you.

Presenters: Stacy Barrow, Esq.

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We will tackle the known parts of the executive order, discuss some of the unknowns and how it impacts business of all sizes, and individual coverage.

  • The expansion of HRAs
  • Association plans
  • Selling insurance across state lines
  • The elimination of cost sharing subsidies





Stacy Barrow, Esq.

Director of Compliance

Stacy Barrow is BAN’s Director of Compliance and a partner at Marathas Barrow Weatherhead Lent LLP. Mr. Barrow is a sought-after speaker on all aspects of employee benefits law, including the Affordable Care Act. He has published numerous articles and has been widely quoted on issues arising under the Affordable Care Act. He is widely recognized by clients, opposing counsel and national law firm ranking organizations as among the best in the field.

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