Webinar   |  November 14, 2017

11/14 Webinar: Future of Wellness

Presenters: Rachel Druckenmiller

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Employee engagement is the #1 issue on most employers’ minds these days. With workforce engagement rates hovering around 70%, it’s no wonder companies want to take a more strategic approach about how to boost engagement and retain and recruit top talent. However, the majority of companies are investing in worksite health and wellness programs without seeing the benefits in engagement.

Join national wellness expert, Rachel Druckenmiller, Director of Wellbeing at SIG and one of WELCOA’s Top Health Promotion Professionals, as she discusses the future trends of wellbeing and what it takes to become an employer of choice.  She’ll provide a roadmap to lead companies on the path to creating a successful culture and high performing workforce as they get ready to be a future-ready firm!

In “The Future of Wellness” we’ll explore: 

  • A paradigm shift in the measurement of well-being programs from a focus on return on investment to one based on the broader notion of value on investment.
  • The continued expansion of well-being programs beyond physical health, including growing interest in and adoption of social connection and professional development strategies
  • How your office space and wellbeing program can shape and influence your culture and performance
  • Why companies that focus on the employee experience are 11 times more likely to make Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work list and 28 times more often on the Fast Companies Most Innovative Companies list.
  • Why organizations that invest in employee experience outperform those that don’t

Rachel Druckenmiller

Director of Wellbeing, SIG

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