Podcast   |  May 1, 2020

Post-COVID: Health Plan Data is More Important Than Ever

Presenters: Richard Silberstein, SIG & Rod Reasen, Springbuk

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Richard Silberstein, Managing Partner of Alera Group Mid-Atlantic sits down with Rod Reasen, Co-Founder/CEO of Springbuk, an intelligence company with a vision "to prevent disease with data” to discuss why employers can benefit from knowing their employees’ healthcare data. They unravel why it’s critical that businesses make decisions based on data that’s not coming from a Carrier reporting analytics tool, but from an “unbiased” third party platform that can not only help them save money, but ultimately increase the overall health and well-being of a company’s most valuable asset; their employees.


Rod Reasen


Rod Reasen is the Co-Founder and CEO of Springbuk, a Health Intelligence platform with a vision to prevent disease with data. Prior to launching Springbuk, Rod founded and scaled a benefits and wellness consulting firm into one of the largest in the Midwest. Additionally, in 2009, he launched the nationally recognized Healthiest Employers award program designed to recognize the top healthiest workplaces in America. Rod’s passion in his professional life is finding creative and innovative ways to help organizations improve their employees’ health outcomes.

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