Webinar   |  April 16, 2020

Tuition.io and the CARES Act

Presenters: Jeni Burckart, Senior Director, Healthcare at Tuition.io

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The recently passed CARES Act helps employers offer a highly impactful benefit without the burden of federal income tax. 95% of student loan borrowers will have student loan interest waived until September 30th, 2020 as a result of student loan relief changes outlined in the CARES Act. Combined with the change in tax treatment, that means you can offer the most efficient student loan contributions to your employees right now. 

Learn from the trusted industry experts at Tuition.io how Tuition.io can help your clients address one of their employees' most pressing financial concerns, student loan debt. Tuition.io delivers education assistance benefits designed to support anyone in the workforce that is engaged with education, oftentimes a lifelong journey.

The platform offers student loan repayment to help employees pay down debt, tuition assistance for employees going to school and financial wellness tools for college planning, refinancing and more. Employers offering student loan repayment assistance from Tuition.io are seeing a reduction in turnover by an average of 22%!

Jeni Burckart

Senior Director, Healthcare at Tuition.io

Staffing shortages impact the quality and cost of care being delivered in healthcare systems across the country. As a clinical pharmacist and student loan debt expert I'm working with Tuition.io to ensure that we meet the unique needs of the healthcare market.

Student Loan Repayment Assistance is an employer-sponsored benefit that Tuition.io can customize to increase recruitment and retention of key staff. Through our wellness tools Tuition.io helps employees navigate loan forgiveness or choose from the variety of existing repayment strategies to maximize the impact of any employer-sponsored contribution dollars, all while using our software to eliminate the administrative burden by automating student loan contributions.

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