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As one of the country’s Best Places to Work and Healthiest Workplaces, SIG inspires and supports our employees to be well in every sense of the word. We offer resources, skills and tools that promote career, social, community, financial and physical well-being, and we encourage our clients to do the same.

We’re excited about an innovative, teambuilding initiative called On the Move that the Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) is launching this year. If you are looking to “spark” your employees to move more and sit less and want kick off the year with a refreshing approach to movement, join us!

What we love about On the Move is that it encourages employees to move when they want, how they want, and how much they want. The goal is to turn movement into something we WANT to do instead of something we feel like we HAVE to do. The focus is on choice and building positive, health-promoting habits that feel good and will stick!

On the Move is a completely turnkey, 12-week challenge designed to engage employees in physical activity, help better manage their stress levels, and promote long-term behavior changes. The On the Move Challenge provides a corporate wellness platform for all employees to access complete with educational resources, behavior change incentives, physical activity tracking and social support functionality.

WELCOA has partnered with internationally renowned author, exercise physiologist and speaker, Sean Foy, to help design and execute the On the Move Challenge. The Challenge allows participants to connect almost any brand of fitness device and application to track their activity and provides targeted support and education to help them set up lasting habits for behavior change.

Not only will winners receive Top 100 Most Active Companies designation, but the challenge has been shown to cut sedentary behavior in half and revolutionize worksites for physical activity— over 80% of employees who complete the challenge say they will continue to be active in the long term.

When asked about the main goal of the challenge, Ryan Picarella, President of WELCOA responded, “We knew we had to develop a scalable solution to address physical inactivity that is easy for companies to roll-out and coordinate. Employees with sedentary desk jobs have many barriers to working out, and On the Move is designed to build a culture for more movement into an organization. We thought, why not start a movement? So the national On the Move Company Challenge is a way to engage hundreds of companies around the country in an exciting new strategy for moving more and sitting less.”

Registration for the challenge is now open, with company onboarding taking place in February of 2016, and the challenge kicking off April 4, 2016. Companies will be awarded points based on participants' involvement and engagement with the program. In June 2016, the Top 100 Most Active Companies will be announced.

If you are interested in learning more about or participating in the On the Move Challenge, please visit

SIG will be participating in the Challenge, and we are excited to offer you the opportunity to participate at a discounted rate by signing up through us.

Let’s get moving!