How to Get Your Company Moving

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Think about when you were a kid.

What did you like to do for fun?

Chances are you did something outside and at least one thing you liked to do involved moving.

As adults, it easy for us to forget about the fun and joy of movement, as many of us work in jobs at desks or spend more time than we’d like in our cars.

The good news is that we can make movement fun again and turn it into something we want to do instead of something we feel like we “have to” do.

SIG is excited to be participating in a national movement campaign called On the Move through the Wellness Council of America (WELCOA). We’re going to be focusing on moving how we want, when we want, and in ways that feel good to us. One person might love running (our CFO!) while another might find just as much joy taking a Zumba class, barre, yoga, or participating in one of our group workout classes after work.

When we focus on the immediate benefits of movement (i.e., lifted mood, more energy, less stress, feeling better, sleeping better, performing better, etc.), our motivation for moving changes from “have to” to “want to.”

We realize that each workplace is different and the ease of implementing wellbeing initiatives will vary depending on your employee population, location and office environment.

Here are some fun ideas for how to promote movement at your company:

  1. Scavenger Hunt. This is a great way to get people moving, bonding, and having fun at the same time. Check out the company Scavify ( for more information about how to bring an app-based scavenger hunt to your organization.
  2. Field Day. Remember when you were a kid and this was one of the best days of the year? Recreate field day in the office. Contact a local fitness center or local college university and ask for their exercise science department to see if any of their students would like to take on a fun project like that.
  3. Office Olympics. With the 2016 Summer Olympics fast approaching, why not jump on the bandwagon and bring your own version of the Olympics to your office! From paper box shuffles, desk chair sprints, and trashcan paper-basketball, organize Olympic events at your office and go for the Gold!
  4. Color Run. Go to to find local runs and walks near you. In the past, we’ve participated in the Electric Run and will have a team taking part in the Color Run this year.
  5. Backyard Games. Volleyball, Frisbee, badminton, Can Jam, and horseshoes. Take your pick and organize your own backyard games party!
  6. Recess Rules. Remember jumping rope, tag, hopscotch and all of the other games you used to play at recess as a kid? Why not dedicate a lunch break to having an adult version of recess?
  7. Organize a Company 5k. Using websites like or a tracking device like a FitBit, map out a course near your workplace and hold a 5k walk/run for your employees and their families. Follow it up with a cookout as a way to bring people together and promote movement.
  8. Form a Company Sports Team. A group of employees from my company formed their own kickball team to compete in one of the local leagues, and they had a blast! Whether you like kickball, softball, basketball, or floor hockey, chances are you can find a local sports team to join on your own or with a group of your coworkers.
  9. Group Walks (or Runs!). One company I work with has an employee named Larry, who walks every day at lunch – rain or shine – and has been doing so for years. He meets at the back of the building at noon each day, and everyone at the company knows it and is encouraged to join him.
  10. Bring a Fitness Class Onsite. Different strokes for different folks. We’ve brought in group fitness classes for years and will also be offering a Zumba class on National Employee Health & Fitness Day (May 18th!) and weekly yoga classes. Offering a variety of classes encourages people to move in ways that feel good to them.

Our hope is that these ideas get your creative juices flowing and spark you to think about ways of incorporating movement into your workplace in a way that is fun and builds community.

Do you have any ideas for how to bring movement to the workplace and beyond? Feel free to share them with us below!