7 Types of Black Friday Shoppers: Which One Are You?

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Author: Dave Ramsey

Black Friday brings out almost as much crazy as a full moon.

And with all the hype it generates, the day after Thanksgiving has practically become a national holiday of its own! So just for fun, we’ve categorized the seven types of Black Friday shoppers we all know and love.

Which one (or two) are you?

1. The Traditionalist

It’s a family tradition to wake up at the crack of dawn, pile into the minivan, and camp out at your favorite retailer with a thermos full of hot coffee. While you’re freezing your tails off together, you chat, laugh and reminisce about that time you were almost killed by a runaway shopping cart. Ah, good times.

2. The Sales Addict

Half-price is for suckers. As far as you’re concerned, if it’s not 75% off, it’s not on sale. Some people call you a cheapskate. Others call you a tightwad. You don’t care—you can underspend all those fools in your sleep.  And on Black Friday, you probably will.

3. The Hunter

You know the store. You know the route. And you know the exact rack your red cashmere sweater is on because you’ve been stalking it for weeks. After you get what you want, you’re out of there. Leave no trace…

4. The Bag-Holder

You couldn’t care less about shopping, but your battery-powered spouse dragged you along to hold all the bags. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a bench of fellow bag-holders watching the football game on their smartphones. If you’re not, you’ll have to fake food poisoning.

5. The Browser

Life is good. You ramble through the racks without any real pressure—or any real plan. If you see an item that strikes you as a suitable gift, you buy it. If nothing catches your eye, oh well. 

6. The Rookie

Normally, you don’t participate in Black Friday, but you spotted a killer deal in the sales flyer and decide to give it a try. How bad could it be? After driving around the parking lot for half an hour, waiting in line to use the last working toilet, and then sit-standing in the checkout line for an eternity, you finally give up. No TV is worth all this.

7. The Conscientious Objector

Forget the mall. You’d rather shop later (Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, anyone?) or shop online. Let someone else have all the “deals.” You’ll sit back and enjoy your free shipping and a nice, warm fireplace, thanks.

No matter which type of holiday shopper you are, there’s only one thing crazier than the Black Friday madness: shopping without a budget. Avoid this holiday headache by using SmartDollar‘s free EveryDollar budget tool and paying for all your purchases with cash.

Then, shop till you drop. Or don’t! It’s up to you. 😊