6 Common Benchmarking Myths

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It's that time of year again--the 2019 Mid Atlantic Benefits Benchmarking Survey is open! Every year, thousands of organizations across the US take our survey and move towards becoming an employer of choice and improving their benefit offerings.

However, there are still so many more employers we want to help - so today, we're debunking the 6 most common benchmarking myths! Read on to find out the most common myths, as well as the truth about the survey...

Myth 1: It takes too much time.
Truth: It only takes 30-45 minutes.

For only half an hour, you can reap the benefits of completing the benchmarking survey (which we’ll talk about later!). Our survey can be saved in segments, and carries over answers from previous years so updating your data in future years will be even easier than it already is!

MYTH 2: It doesn't cover my industry.
Truth: Our survey data covers more than 25 industries.

These industries include education, manufacturing, religious institutions, government organizations, financial institutions, and everything in between!

MYTH 3: There's nothing in it for me personally.
Truth: There’s something in it for you!

We give everyone who completes our survey a customized benchmarking report that compares your benefits to other local organizations. On top of that, we’ll give you access to online tools to drill down on specific data points. We’re also giving a $25 Starbucks gift card to first 100 participants who complete the survey!

MYTH 4: Our benefits are already good enough.
Truth: The benchmarking survey offers valuable insights to employers every year.

Even if you are currently an employer of choice, that status could be threatened by upcoming benefit trends and rising costs. The data from our benchmarking survey is a valuable resource for employers who want to stay ahead of the benefits curve.

MYTH 5: I did it last year, so I don't need to/can't do it again.
Truth: Yearly benchmarking is a key way to help your organization grow!

We’ve made the process extremely easy for our returning participants by uploading their previous data. All you have to do is go in and update pieces that might have changed since last year, and you’re done!

MYTH 6: I'm not a client, so I can't participate.
Truth: Yes you can!

Our yearly survey is open to any organization, whether or not they are a client! We firmly believe in the importance of improving healthcare options and benefits offerings for employees while helping organizations minimize their benefits costs, regardless of if you’re a client of ours or not.

For more information about the benefits benchmarking survey follow this link!

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