5 (Free!) Ways Every Employer Can Promote Workplace Wellness

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Employee wellness is important. It can help improve the quality of life of your employees, and helps to improve the quality of their work as a result! Here are five things that you can do for FREE to help improve your employee wellness.

  1. Wellness apps: Want to improve your sleep, meditation, or meal planning? Trust us—there’s an app for that. Digital resources provide beneficial wellness at a low cost. For example, Headspace is great for meditation, and MyFitnessPal provides meal planning and nutrition information.

  2. Community Lunches: Encourage employees to eat lunch together, ideally in a shared common space like a break room. This allows your team to bond about projects outside of work, share insights on personal life experiences and build memories in a key way that helps to create social wellness in your workplace.

  3. Wellness Room: For many employees, work is a home away from home. Acknowledging that by providing a space dedicated to personal wellbeing and wellness is incredibly important. This space can be filled with comfortable seating, an exercise ball, healthy snacks, and a first aid kid. Include photos of your employees at events to give it a personalized feel, and to make it a space that your employees actually want to use. If you can’t afford an entire room, try using a cubicle or a private area of the office to make it feel separate from the rest of the workspace.

  4. Work Walks: Walking is proven to improve creativity and mental stamina, so allowing employees to take a 30 minute walking break every day can boost employee wellness and your team’s workflow!

  5. Benchmarking Data: Many employers want to offer their employees better benefits, but feel stuck financially. Many of those same employers are also being overcharged for their benefits, while not being provided with strategic results. Our free Benefits Benchmarking Survey can give insights on key benefits that actually matter to employees. This helps them cut costs while providing the best possible care for employees. You can take the survey here – and receive a $25 Starbucks gift card for completing it! You’ll also receive a customized benchmarking report that compares your benefits to other local organizations and access to online tools to drill down specific data points.

For more information about the benefits benchmarking survey, or to participate in the survey yourself, follow this link!