4 Ways to Grow your HR Team Without Adding New Employees

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Today’s Human Resource departments face a myriad of challenges. From compensation to compliance, workplace safety to recruiting, it is a rare team that doesn’t feel like they could use a few more hours in their day or an extra set of hands to help carry the workload. What if there was a way to expand capacity and increase productivity without actually hiring anyone?

Do More with an Online HR Portal

Leading benefits providers are beginning to offer their clients robust online portals that provide dynamic tools, checklists, and guides designed to save time and streamline complex department responsibilities like compliance and training.

Here are four ways an online HR portal can help you do more with the team you already have:

1. Centralized online training and monitoring

Large organizations have large training needs. If your team is piecing together different training modules from different resources, it can take a lot of time to collect what you need and then additional time to ensure those modules stay up-to-date. Today’s online HR portals provide libraries of hundreds of easy-to-deploy training courses that are automatically kept up-to-date and managed. Your employees have a consistent user experience, while your HR team doesn’t have to stress about keep the content current or relevant. Automatic tracking is built in, so you will be able to see who took which training when, and follow-up with those who need to complete their courses.

2. Comprehensive compliance resources

Keeping your organization compliant is one of the most critical roles of the HR department, and also one of the most stressful. Part of that stress comes from the need to constantly monitor regulations and implement compliance processes. A robust online portal can take some of that stress away by providing a centralized resource center for all compliance related tools, checklists, and materials. By keeping all of the information organized in one location, the team can focus on their work, rather than struggling to find the information they need or confirming that it is current.

3. Expert HR and legal advice

Have you ever wished that you could just call an expert to ask an HR question, rather than researching the answer yourself? In some cases you can! Leading online portals include live support – certified HR experts available by phone to answer questions, provide advice and follow up to resolve more complicated issues.

4. Automated news updates

The world of human resources changes every day – that is part of what makes the field so exciting. But keeping track of the latest news, legislation, and best practices can take up a ton of your team’s time. Sophisticated online portals make staying up-to-date simple by automatically collecting all the most important news in one place and, if you prefer, sending it directly to your team for review.

Getting started with an online portal resource is easy – connect with SIG today to see how you can expand your team… without actually hiring anyone!