10 Tips for a Successful Fitness Challenge from a CEO's Perspective

Blog post

We are halfway through WELCOA’s 12-week company-wide On the Move fitness challenge, and we’re having a great time! Almost 85% of our employees signed up to participate in On The Move, and we’ve experienced a noticeable shift in how much everyone is moving and the impact it has made on our culture.

Employees have enjoyed the mental break that moving provides and have commented that it helps them clear and recharge their mind. It’s been fun to watch our employees find creative ways to increase daily movement and to do so in ways they enjoy that energize them and make them more aware of their own activity levels. The challenge has created opportunities for us to come together and build community around movement.

 Here is what we’ve learned!

  1. People like to be part of a team working toward a common goal.
  1. Employees like challenges and programs that help them better focus on and achieve their own personal goals. Seeing personal and team progress each week has been motivating.
  1. Breaking down the bigger teams into smaller groups allows employees to better support each other and make communication and follow-through more manageable.
  1. Having a diverse group collaborate and brainstorm on the event, plan and communicate on fun prizes and ways to celebrate our success is key.
  1. Having a champion who provides updates and messaging has played a big part in keeping us engaged. It’s a great opportunity for a new employee or young employee to show their leadership skills or ability to be successful managing a project on top of their daily work duties.
  1. Having the CEO/owner engaged in assisting with the messaging shows all employees that the program matters and that he or she supports it not just in words but also in actions.
  1. Having short term goals throughout the challenge is important. If we hit X by Y, we will all celebrate with Z, i.e., a team lunch or happy hour.
  1. Employees say they like how the weekly challenges, daily updates, and team element keeps them active, motivated and focused on improving their health.
  1. Many like a daily goal such as earning 100 points a day. Many employees are even starting their own challenges within the program and in the FitBit app, including the Work Week Hustle challenges.
  1. The competition is motivating and makes them constantly aware of their own activity levels, which is important for their personal wellbeing.