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"I am your biggest SIG fan!  Any opportunity I have to attend your insightful and informative sessions or just come to your office to have coffee, I am there!  Really, anytime.  You have a great company and a really great group of people.  The energy I get when I am there, or even in a meeting with any SIG people, should be bottled and sold. "

"I love Corinne! Hands down the best account manager I've ever had for any service! AMAZING overall experience with SIG!"

"We received excellent feedback from the staff this year regarding the meetings and the information provided. SIG was able to accomplish my two goals of plan shift and increased HSA participation by education the staff and teaching them how they can be better consumers. Excellent service!"

"They spent time understanding our culture and our needs. And then they provide outstanding service that exceeded our expectations."

"I have worked with more than 6 broker firms in the past 10+ years and have never found one as good as SIG!! Absolutely love you guys!! Best broker team ever!"

"SIG’s creativity set them apart from the competitors. We had a specific accrual process (incurred not paid) – the competition offered very cookie cutter processes for how they would handle it and SIG took a very creative approach to it. SIG was able to run reports and provide specific samples so that we knew exactly what they would be getting from SIG. The other firms did not go the extra mile like SIG did. The other firms were much larger and typically were bound by standardized reporting and templates where SIG took a more customized approach."

"We absolutely love working with Lindsay and Jennifer. You all have been incredibly accommodation and helpful with all requests. SIG exceeds all expectations!"

"We really liked and appreciated how the SIG team worked together and bounced ideas of each other. The SIG team said what they were going to do and they followed through on everything that was promised."

"I'm not given to hyperbole, but the Janets and your whole crew deliver excellent service. You are our best provider! It's a pleasure doing business with SIG."

"What a terrific team to work with! Outstanding customer service and super employee handbooks!"

"The SIG team embraced our new process at the ninth hour and renewal meetings were extremely effective. SIG adapts to clients' needs and doesn't force clients into a cookie cutter mold. This client is extremely appreciative of those efforts!"

"Gale and Chris are our benefits dream team!! From knowledge to communication to demeanor, all aspects of our partnership are top notch. SIG is an exemplary partner!"

"You are like extended family - without the dysfunction!"


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