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"The whole process of working with SIG has been very quick and accurate. We have had to work on tight deadlines and SIG has always turned around the information we need very quickly and efficiently. We especially appreciate the quick turnaround with reports."

"I have worked with more than 6 broker firms in the past 10+ years and have never found one as good as SIG!! Absolutely love you guys!! Best broker team ever!"

"SIG’s creativity set them apart from the competitors. We had a specific accrual process (incurred not paid) – the competition offered very cookie cutter processes for how they would handle it and SIG took a very creative approach to it. SIG was able to run reports and provide specific samples so that we knew exactly what they would be getting from SIG. The other firms did not go the extra mile like SIG did. The other firms were much larger and typically were bound by standardized reporting and templates where SIG took a more customized approach."

"We really liked and appreciated how the SIG team worked together and bounced ideas of each other. The SIG team said what they were going to do and they followed through on everything that was promised."

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